Thalassotherapy Explained – Inchydoney’s Unique Seawater Spa

  Thalassotherapy Explained Inchydoney Island became home to Ireland’s first Thalassotherapy Spa in 1998. Thalassotherapy is a combination of the two Greek words meaning Sea and Medical Treatment. The Island Spa combines a heated Seawater Therapy Pool and Thalassotherapy Treatments, … Continue reading

Special Offers for January 2013

Island Spa Special Offers 

January 2013 

special offers

Anti-Ageing Day Package 

€149 – (4 Hours)

Join us for a relaxing swim in the Heated Seawater Therapy Pool before you spend some time in the Relaxation Area.  Enjoy a juice and some fruit as as your pore over a magazine and start to unwind.  Your therapist will your treat you to an Elemis Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial, followed by a ourishing Milk and Honey Body Wrap with aFirming Application to tone and tighten your skin.

Extend your day with a 2 course lunch in The Lounge for just €20.

Detox To A New You in 2013 Day Package 

€95 – (4 Hours)

Enjoy some a swim in our Heated Seawater Therapy Pool and some time in our sauna, steam room and Ocean View Relaxation Areas. Unwind and replenish with delicous fruit and herbal tea while lazing in our Fuschia Suite.  Bathe in a Detoxifying Bath followed by a Detox Body Wrap and finishing with a Cellutox Detox Oil Leg Massage to help rid your body of built up toxins.

Extend your day with a 2 course lunch in The Lounge for just €20. 

Call  023 88 21113 to make your booking

Positive Thinking Change Your Mindset and Run Like The Wind

Our Spa Manager Heidi Grimwood is training for the Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon 


Training for a marathon no matter how small even the 10km is no easy task. Like most of us we need to juggle family life, work life and try to squeeze in runs when we can. The colder mornings are not encouraging when you’d rather be relaxing with a hot cuppa rather than running outside. However there is nothing more satisfying than completing a run and the adrenaline that comes after.

Top mistakes I have made over the past couple of weeks include not eating breakfast before my run and wondering why my body doesn’t want to move! Not stretching after the run which is essential and  as a result getting sore knees and back. Finally poor mental attitude – running with a mind set of I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS – does not help you finish your training for the day!!

So, yesterday I woke up with a positive frame of mind even though it is pouring with rain and blowing a gale, ate my 2 slices of gluten free toast with a slice of ham on them and a small bowl of water melon, strutted to the starting line with Mark Hilliard of Finish Line Fitness and set off on my 10km training.  I felt amazing, full of energy and positive. Apparently drivers passing claim to have seen me with a big smile on my face too!! I finished my time 3 minutes faster than the previous week and although a little stiff in the afternoon I felt positive that my training was back on track. I am taking my usual break for the weekend and will resume with a 5km run Monday morning after the school run.

I am enjoying seeing the improvements that I am making in my running but know without the mind and body coaching from Mark Hillard I wouldn’t have got this far so thank you!

For more information on the Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon click here!

If you want to know more about Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa click here and learn about our Thalassotherapy Pool, which is ideal for after training and running.

Jelly Arms & Legs for Heidi Grimwood, Spa Manager @ Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa

Our Spa Manager Heidi Grimwood is training for the Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon 

Here is this week’s update


It’s a gruelling job training for a 10km run when you never had any interest in doing it before. However I must say I am secretly enjoying the new challenge!

Mark Hillliard is my trainer and is a very inspiring guy. So far I have learned a number of better techniques,  for example, lose ankles when running. I always felt like I was built like a sprinter so would run with tense arms striding along the road, however Mark told me to let my arms go like jelly and let the natural rhythm take over – it really works and feels like less effort to run when my body is more relaxed.

Another great tip is to take full advantage of going downhill and fly down it like you are at the end of your race this will help you make up the time you lose when striding up hill. I have done 2 x 5km runs this week my time being 26 minutes which I am delighted with as a starting point.

I am making sure I eat at about 7am so after the school run at have a good run at 9.15am. I tried to run the other day after eating at 8.30am and running at 9.15am – let’s just say it wasn’t a pleasant feeling in my tummy. So I am meeting Mark Hilliard tomorrow for my official training plan to get the best possible time for myself in the 10km run, very excited about this.

Top tips this week:

–          Make sure you do some sprint training – it can be as simple as sprinting from one lamp post to the next and then bringing your speed down to recover. It’s a great way of challenging your body.

–          Also don’t forget to do the hills, its no use just running on the flat – challenge yourself.

–          Be good to your body by refuelling with low GI foods like brown rice, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit. 

Our Spa Manager Heidi Takes To The Roads!

Every week our Spa Manager Heidi Grimwood will be updating us on her preparations for the Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon

Friday October 5th finally arrived – it was D-day; I had to start my running training for the Clonakilty Marathon in December. There was no way out of it now I was meeting Mark my trainer for my first day of marathon training. I was petrified! As a non runner and someone who never had an interest in the sport I am not your usual candidate to take up such a hobby. But I am always up for a challenge and that is what they set me at Inchydoney Lodge and Spa! So an energy fuelled breakfast gluten free toast with honey and a cup of herbal tea – I was ready for my training. Mark is a very positive and motivational trainer, I was delighted he had no ego agenda and was simply there to motivate and push me to get going.

So a gentle warm up jog set us off with our training. It didn’t feel too bad and I was happy to carry on at that pace but I knew it was really a little too easy. However once we reached our small circuit we turned around and I decided to up the pace. It was tough I was never more grateful to get it over with but I completed I think nearly 3 miles today – not a bad start. Warm down was just a gentle walk and then into the Thalassotherapy pool to rejuvenate my muscles! I’m hoping to start enjoying my running one day; so far I am not converted but ill try my best. At present I am aiming for a 45 minute finish on the 10km run – anyone like to start taking bets?!

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What Is Cellulite and Why Do We Need to Detox?

Heidi Grimwood our lovely Spa Manager writes about how help you can improve the appearance of cellulite!

What is cellulite and why do we need to Detox?


Cellulite is caused through an excess of toxic build up in our systems. There are day to day toxins like cigarettes, caffeine, pollution in the air, medication, alcohol, fizzy drinks, artificial additives in our foods – the list is endless. So we may be caught into thinking that cellulite is the signal that our body is unhealthy? Well for some people it is, but there is also a hormonal influence in women. Certain women are simply prone to more cellulite due to the hormonal balance in our body.

The great news is, there are ways we can improve the appearance of cellulite! Any treatments you choose in the spa that includes algae is extremely detoxifying and is excellent for stimulating the circulation which will encourage the toxins to start moving out.

The Green tea and algae bath combined with our body wrap is a perfect start for your Detox. Sweating in the sauna and steam room after your swim in the Thalassotherapy pool works wonders. Reducing or even eliminating some key foods and drinks from your daily diet can also help, replace fizzy drinks with fresh juice or water, switch from your daily coffee/tea fix to invigorating herbal teas, boost your fresh fruit and vegetable intake and try to eat more raw foods rather than cook everything to death.  Home care is easy, using the Elemis body brush daily before you shower starts the lymphatic flow enabling toxins to break free and start their descent out of your body, before bed apply the Elemis cellutox concentrate on your stomach, thighs and bottom – you will be amazed how much better you feel in the morning. This technique is also great if you suffer from bloating.

The key is to look after yourself, eat well, live healthy and be happy!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at the Spa.


Heidi Grimwood 

Spa Manager 

For bookings please contact The Island Spa on 023 88 33143


Health Benefits of Thalassotherapy

Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa, is home to Ireland’s only Thalassotherapy (Seawater) Pool, as it is so unique, Heidi Grimmwood, our Spa Manager, thought it might be a good idea to share with you the health benefits gained from using … Continue reading