Richie Fitzgerald Facts

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Richie Fitzgerald Facts

Good to know for when you meet him at the Surf & Movies Fundraiser September 1st @7pm right here at Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa!!


Bundoran, County Donegal


Irish Big Wave Surfer! Has represented Ireland in both World and European Championships. Richie chose not to pursue a competitive surfing career and concentrated on soul surfing and owning and managing the North West Coast’s first and leading surf shop, Surfworld.

Billabong Easky Open Masters division on the 2/3rd October, 2010. 
October 2011 Richie represented Ireland in the European Surfing Championships. He made the semi-finals and finished 6th in Europe.


Surfed the biggest swell (60ft+) ever attempted off Ireland to become Ireland’s most renowned big wave surfer. 

Recently Richie and a team of fellow surfers discovered a new big wave off the West Coast of Ireland. They’ve named it ‘Prowlers’ and rank it as one of the biggest waves in the world, on a par with Mavericks, only made up of much more water and heavier. 


Eye of The Storm
Step Into Liquid

Storm Watching

Storm Watching @ Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa

There is something incredibly fierce and beautiful about the Atlantic Ocean and today we got to really enjoy a spectacular show.  Often we enjoy going to the beach on a calm, blue and sunny day, however after today,  I might be more encouraged to go down on those stormy day and then enjoy sitting in the warm and safe confines of the hotel’s cosy Lounge afterwards.   Today was a day to have the cobwebs blown away, get some mighty fresh air into those lungs and feel sea spray on your face, wholly refreshing and inspiring! Enjoy the pics!!