Special Offers for January 2013

Island Spa Special Offers 

January 2013 

special offers

Anti-Ageing Day Package 

€149 – (4 Hours)

Join us for a relaxing swim in the Heated Seawater Therapy Pool before you spend some time in the Relaxation Area.  Enjoy a juice and some fruit as as your pore over a magazine and start to unwind.  Your therapist will your treat you to an Elemis Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial, followed by a ourishing Milk and Honey Body Wrap with aFirming Application to tone and tighten your skin.

Extend your day with a 2 course lunch in The Lounge for just €20.

Detox To A New You in 2013 Day Package 

€95 – (4 Hours)

Enjoy some a swim in our Heated Seawater Therapy Pool and some time in our sauna, steam room and Ocean View Relaxation Areas. Unwind and replenish with delicous fruit and herbal tea while lazing in our Fuschia Suite.  Bathe in a Detoxifying Bath followed by a Detox Body Wrap and finishing with a Cellutox Detox Oil Leg Massage to help rid your body of built up toxins.

Extend your day with a 2 course lunch in The Lounge for just €20. 

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New Year Detox

Kick Start Your New Year Detox with these 3 amazing detox treatments from The Island Spa!

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What Is Cellulite and Why Do We Need to Detox?

Heidi Grimwood our lovely Spa Manager writes about how help you can improve the appearance of cellulite!

What is cellulite and why do we need to Detox?


Cellulite is caused through an excess of toxic build up in our systems. There are day to day toxins like cigarettes, caffeine, pollution in the air, medication, alcohol, fizzy drinks, artificial additives in our foods – the list is endless. So we may be caught into thinking that cellulite is the signal that our body is unhealthy? Well for some people it is, but there is also a hormonal influence in women. Certain women are simply prone to more cellulite due to the hormonal balance in our body.

The great news is, there are ways we can improve the appearance of cellulite! Any treatments you choose in the spa that includes algae is extremely detoxifying and is excellent for stimulating the circulation which will encourage the toxins to start moving out.

The Green tea and algae bath combined with our body wrap is a perfect start for your Detox. Sweating in the sauna and steam room after your swim in the Thalassotherapy pool works wonders. Reducing or even eliminating some key foods and drinks from your daily diet can also help, replace fizzy drinks with fresh juice or water, switch from your daily coffee/tea fix to invigorating herbal teas, boost your fresh fruit and vegetable intake and try to eat more raw foods rather than cook everything to death.  Home care is easy, using the Elemis body brush daily before you shower starts the lymphatic flow enabling toxins to break free and start their descent out of your body, before bed apply the Elemis cellutox concentrate on your stomach, thighs and bottom – you will be amazed how much better you feel in the morning. This technique is also great if you suffer from bloating.

The key is to look after yourself, eat well, live healthy and be happy!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at the Spa.


Heidi Grimwood 

Spa Manager 

For bookings please contact The Island Spa on 023 88 33143